Home Loan

Home loan
Home Loan is offered to individuals who wish to purchase or construct a house. The property is mortgaged to the lender as a security till the repayment of the loan. The bank or financial institution will hold the title or deed to the property till the loan has been paid back with the interest due for it.

Financial Institutions fund up to 70% to 85% of the property value and 100% to 150% of the registry value for re-sale property.*


  • Maximum Down payment: You can enhance your loan eligibility by paying maximum down payment for the loan. This will add confidence in your bank or lending company to provide loan needed for you.
  • Clubbing Incomes: Clubbing income is simplest way to enhance loan eligibility. You can club your income with your father, mother, spouse or son and jointly apply for the loan. Clubbing income enables you to get home loan as your monthly income will increase by clubbing the income.
  • Longer Tenure: When applying for long term loan or bigger loan amount, you can opt for longer tenure. A longer tenure will make you eligible for a bigger loan for the same income level.
  • Co-applicant: Co-applicant helps you to apply for home loan. You can either apply for home loan jointly with your spouse, family members or you can apply with your friends or other relatives. Co-applicants enable both to get tax benefit and get a higher loan amount sanctioned from your bank or lend.
  • Pre sanction: If you want to know your eligibility according to your income before purchasing any property which is possible as banks provide you a Soft approval on the bases of your income so that you can search the property according to your soft approval provided by the bank.