Home Loan Balance Transfer

Home Loan Balance Transfer

Home Loan Balance Transfer involves the process of transferring your existing Home Loan account to another bank or NBFC. People usually opt for a Balance Transfer if they come across a financial institution offering a lower rate of interest and better services.

Why and when must you avail the Home Loan Balance Transfer option?

  • If you are paying a higher home loan interest rate with you existing bank/Financial institution
  • When you deliberate with your bank to reduce the interest rate on your home loan, considering your fine repayment history and generally cordial relationship with the bank, and are refused such an option.
  • If you have a track record of 12 – 18 months unblemished loan repayments on your current home loan.
  • The process of shifting your home loan from one lender to the next is surprisingly simple and quick. True, you are breaking off a banking relationship with your current home loan lender, however, your new lender is cutting down on the payable interest rate, and generally will be offering additional perks over the loan. Thus, the shifting makes sense.

So still stuck up with the OLD home loan rates? Transfer your outstanding Home Loan availed from another Bank/Financial Institution and even avail additional top up with attractive rate offered by reputed Financial Organizations.

Special: 0%* processing fee on Any Home Loan transfer.

* Conditions Apply (As per Banker’s Discretion)

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